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Messe Stuttgart supports business opportunities in Turkey – „Automotive“ theme day in Istanbul

2015. december 18., péntek, 12:54

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"LASYS meets…" is the motto with which Messe Stuttgart wants to strengthen the theme of laser technology on a global level within the framework of the LASYS trade fair. After the start with "LASYS meets AMB China" in October 2015, now it will be "LASYS meets Turkey" on 31 March 2016. For that's the date on which the international trade fair for laser material processing will hold its "Automotive" theme day in Istanbul.

Especially for users from the automobile sector, a practically oriented programme of presentations with accompanying exhibition will be on offer in the rooms of the CVK Hotels & Resorts Park Bosphorus Istanbul. While the Turkish automobile manufacturers and suppliers can obtain information during the exhibition from international manufacturers of laser production systems, the speakers will explain concrete solutions and advantages of laser material processing in the course of the presentation programme. They will provide insights into the wide range of possible applications – from marking and cutting to surface processing and additive manufacture – and the development of the laser market.

"Turkey is an interesting investment location for manufacturers and suppliers of laser technology. The automotive industry is considered to be an engine for growth," says Gunnar Mey, Manager of the Industry Department at Messe Stuttgart. He explains: "With our commitment, we enable manufacturers to access an attractive market which is developing very fast and offers numerous business opportunities."

Ufuk Alintop, deputy Managing Director of the Turkish subsidiary of Messe Stuttgart, clarifies: "In Turkey, there are 13 OEMs producing over one million vehicles each year, making the country the 16th biggest automobile producer in the world. 35 of the top 100 global automotive suppliers are present in Turkey. The export of Turkish automobile components has exceeded the 3 billion US dollar mark, and the investments are to be further increased in the future. This shows how strong the automobile industry is here. The players in this growing industry need economically more efficient technologies for production. At this point, the demonstration of laser production systems is of crucial relevance for decision making in the Turkish market. At the end of March 2016, LASYS will be held in Turkey in order to generate many interesting contacts for shaping the future together."

Companies who wish to present themselves at the "Automotive" theme day during the exhibition in Istanbul and to contribute speakers for the presentation programme can register by contacting Cornelia Schlingelhoff, Senior Project Manager for LASYS (

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