Efficiently Optimised Surfaces through Innovative Solutions

2015. június 29., hétfő, 18:19

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In nearly all of today’s manufacturing industries, deburring, rounding and polishing are required production steps. Due to continuously increasing demands for product quality, precision and surface finishing with simultaneously rising cost pressure, companies are facing new challenges to an ever greater extent. DeburringEXPO will present innovative solutions for meeting these challenges at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from the 13th through the 15th of October, 2015. The exhibitor list for the deburring and polishing trade fair already includes more than 70 exhibitors from eight countries (status as of 25 June 2015). The supplementary expert forum additionally offers a great deal of valuable knowledge.

Whether parts are manufactured by means of machining, metal forming or master forming – deburring, rounding and polishing don’t usually belong to the core competencies of manufacturing companies from the fields of automotive, aviation, medical technology, machinery manufacturing, drive technology, precision engineering, microsystems technology, casting, hydraulics and other industry sectors. However, in order to fulfil today’s typically exacting demands placed on product quality, functionality and service life, undesired “production remnants” have to be removed. In particular deburring processes are still frequently executed just like they were in days of old – with all of the associated disadvantages including a lack of reproducibility and high costs.

And thus companies are on the lookout for efficient and innovative solutions for the deburring, rounding and polishing steps. These can be found at DeburringEXPO. This is substantiated by the exhibitor list for the technical trade fair for deburring and polishing technology which already includes more than 70 companies. “Positive feedback, coming from companies outside of Germany as well, is confirming our concept for an independent trade fair aligned to the fields of deburring, rounding and polishing”, stresses Hartmut Herdin, managing director of event promoters fairXperts GmbH & Co. KG. There’s plenty of visitor interest in the new trade fair too. “An initial mailing to potential expert visitors also resulted in excellent feedback. In addition to market leaders from the automobile industry, automation technology, drive and transmission technology, aviation, machinery manufacturing, mechanical engineering, the sanitary industry, clock making and the tooling industry, numerous highly capable suppliers for various other industry sectors have already announced that they will visit the trade fair”, says Hartmut Herdin.

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Value Creation and a Sharper Competitive Edge

Numerous market and technology leaders are already amongst DeburringEXPO’s exhibitors. This ensures that comprehensive, representative offerings for deburring, rounding and polishing processes and technologies will await the visitors. These will encompass various innovative processes and further developments which not only assure the fulfilment of current requirements for process reliability and economic efficiency. Depending on the utilised technology, they also make it possible to furnish processed surfaces with special characteristics. Amongst others, these include reduced friction and wear, minimised noise levels, increased internal compressive stress, longer service life and energy savings. Issues covered by DeburringEXPO which also address the areas of product development and design engineering include burr avoidance and minimisation, as well as burr-free production of contours, structures and even non-cylindrical drill holes. The deburring, rounding and polishing production steps can thus contribute to enhanced value creation as well as a sharper competitive edge.

Expert Forum – Value Added through Knowledge and an Exchange of Experience

Exhibitor offerings presented at DeburringEXPO will be rounded with an integrated expert forum. A practically oriented transfer of knowledge concerning deburring and polishing technologies, as well as examples of best practice and a direct exchange of experience, will be at the centre of attention in this respect. This will make it possible for visitors to gather targeted information on various issues in the field of deburring and polishing technology.

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