ITPS 2017: International Thermprocess Summit

Thermo process technology is not merely essential for a large number of the major areas of industry – it is more than just that: it plays a crucial role in determining the properties of individual products and all industrial manufacturing operations.

Première: „LASYS meets Central Europe“ in Slovakia

Messe Stuttgart and the German-Slovakian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Slowakei) are jointly organising the event "LASYS meets Central Europe“ for the first time from 30 to 31 May 2017. This event will focus on laser applications for the automobile industry and will be held in Trnava in Slovakia. It will bring together suppliers of laser production systems, laser-specific machine sub-systems, components, processes and services, and industrial users.

DeburringEXPO – Efficient Production of Precise, Top Quality, Burr-Free Surfaces

Ten months before DeburringEXPO opens its doors for the second time, occupied net exhibition floor space has already surpassed the results obtained at the premiere event in 2015 by 36%. This significant growth demonstrates that the trade fair for deburring technology and precision surface finishing, taking place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from 10 to 12 October 2017, is already considered the industry meeting place by industry suppliers. The presentations held at the expert forum which accompanies DeburringEXPO will be interpreted simultaneously at the upcoming event (German – English). Trade fair promoters fairXperts GmbH & Co. KG are thus doing justice to growing international requirements for know-how dealing with deburring and the production of precision surface finishes.

The foundry becomes greener

Modern design for a modern production environment: the dosing furnace Westomat Plus+ was awarded the prestigious “Good Design Award” of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. In everyday foundry work, the new system not only has a smaller footprint – it also consumes less energy. The manufacturer of industrial furnaces StrikoWestofen (Gummersbach, Germany) designed the Westomat Plus+ to combine functionality with an attractive outer appearance. “We want to help foundries to create production facilities which meet today’s employee and customer demands with regard to working environment, quality and sustainability. The new Westomat Plus+ is one more step in the direction of our ‘Green Foundry’ initiative,” StrikoWestofen manager Rudi Riedel explains.

Efficient forming geometries for tube end machining

Now more than ever, selecting the suitable procedure for attaching connection elements to tube ends is essential for economical machining processes. This is because geometries are becoming more and more complex and the pressure of remaining cost efficient is increasing significantly.

Motor vehicle construction benefiting from new laser joining processes

Production flexibility, cost-efficiency and sustainability both in regard to products and production processes are focal points during the construction of lightweight bodies for motor vehicles. Innovative laser joining technologies are almost predestined for this task since they can be used to produce highly durable lightweight structures cost-effectively.

Impulse fehlen

Der Auftragseingang verzeichnete im November 2015 ein Minus von -3 Prozent (bundesweit +6 Prozent). Bei der Inlandsnachfrage gab es ein Minus von -4 Prozent (bundesweit +9 Prozent). Das Auslandsgeschäft lag bei -2 Prozent (bundesweit +4 Prozent) im Vergleich zum Vorjahresniveau.

Change at the top of BV Glas

The Federal Association of the Glass Industry (Bundesverband Glasindustrie e.V.) has elected Dr. Frank Heinricht, Chairman of the Board at Schott AG, for its new president. This means he will also take office as president for glasstec 2016.

Exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal

Magnesium infused with dense silicon carbide nanoparticles could be used for airplanes, cars, mobile electronics and more.

LASYS meets Turkey

"LASYS meets…" is the motto with which Messe Stuttgart wants to strengthen the theme of laser technology on a global level within the framework of the LASYS trade fair. After the start with "LASYS meets AMB China" in October 2015, now it will be "LASYS meets Turkey" on 31 March 2016. For that's the date on which the international trade fair for laser material processing will hold its "Automotive" theme day in Istanbul.

Laser marking

Laser marking systems can be simply integrated, are easy to operate and mark objects in readable form for machines - in spite of reflecting surfaces.

PaintExpo Headed for Record-Breaking Numbers

Roughly 4 months remain before PaintExpo opens its doors for the 6th time. But it’s already becoming apparent that the world’s leading trade fair for coating technology will be bigger than ever in 2016. With more than 135,000 square feet, overall net exhibition floor space has already exceeded the level achieved at the 2014 event. The exhibition programme covers the areas of liquid painting, powder coating and coil coating from pre-treatment right on up to quality control and packaging. The 6th PaintExpo will take place at the exhibition centre in Karlsruhe from the 19th through the 22nd of April, 2016.

Four “Bright World of Metals“ trade fairs are switching to a three-year cycle

GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST are switching to a three-year cycle – the next time that the leading international trade fairs for foundry technology, metallurgy, thermo process equipment and castings will be taking place in Düsseldorf is from Tuesday, 26. to Saturday, 30. June 2018.

PaintExpo Eurasia Distinguished by Quality and Quantity

“PaintExpo Eurasia is developing very well and has become more professional this year” – this is the conclusion arrived at by nearly all of the exhibitors at the third trade fair for industrial coating technology. Its representative offerings throughout the entire process sequence for liquid painting and powder coating drew 2446 visitors to the 3rd trade fair for industrial coating technology. They came to the event with a great need for information and numerous projects. For the exhibitors, this resulted in high-quality leads and concrete business transactions.

LASYS 2016

Economically efficient production with multi-functional laser production systems: Hardly any post-machining, high processing speeds, new design opportunities.

Maschinenbau NRW: Positive Zahlen im September

Der Auftragseingang verzeichnete im September 2015 ein Plus von +5 Prozent (bundesweit -13 Prozent). Bei der Inlandsnachfrage gab es ein Plus von +10 Prozent (bundesweit +1 Prozent). Das Auslandsgeschäft lag bei +2 Prozent (bundesweit -18 Prozent) im Vergleich zum Vorjahresniveau.

DMG MORI confirms annual forecast 2015

DMG MORI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT completed the first nine months of the financial year 2015 according to plan. As at 30 September, we were able to increase sales revenues by 6% to € 1,648.8 million (previous year: € 1,562.4 million). We made good on more ground in the third quarter; order intake was slightly higher than in the previous year at € 1,742.0 million (previous year: € 1,740.8 million). EBITDA amounted to € 151.9 million (+4%; previous year: € 145.9 million), EBIT reached € 111.5 million (previous year: € 111.7 million) and EBT climbed to € 108.8 million (+2%; previous year: € 106.7 million). As at 30 September 2015, the group recorded earnings after taxes of € 75.1 million (+2%; previous year: € 73.7 million). Positive impulses were largely received from the Asian markets China and Korea. In Europe, we recorded a rise in the demand for machine tools foremost in Italy and France.

More innovations than ever in aluminium casting

The requirements which production technology has to meet rise in step with the demand for new and more numerous cast aluminium parts. For foundries, StrikoWestofen presents the new “StrikoMelter BigStruc”, which can remelt extremely thin-walled material as well as bulky large-volume material with minimum metal loss and the lowest possible energy consumption. At the heart of the new dosing furnace technology in 2015 is the “Westomat Plus+” with its new technology and its extraordinary design. For a short time now, the pneumatic filling system “Schnorkle” has allowed the safe, closed, temperature-stable transport of liquid metal. In addition, modern porous burner technology guarantees measurable savings for the new gas crucible furnaces.

DMG MORI books orders worth € 106.9 million

With order intake of € 106.9 million DMG MORI reports a positive outcome to the EMO 2015 in Milan, which closed on Saturday night. This significant leading trade fair for the machine tool industry was a complete success for DMG MORI.

LASYS meets France: Messe Stuttgart gains cooperative venture partner

Messe Stuttgart, organiser of the international trade fair for laser material processing LASYS, has entered into an extensive cooperative venture with IREPA Laser, the organiser and supporter of the French congress with accompanying exhibition ESPACE LASER. For the first time, a joint stand with up to 20 French companies from the laser industry is planned for LASYS 2016 under the title "ESPACE LASER s’invite sur LASYS". In 2017 it will be called "LASYS meets ... France", when LASYS will be represented with interested companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the trade fair in Strasbourg.

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